The world is changing.

When families recently found out that they needed to stay home, that meant the kids were also stuck at home...looking for something to do.
Upon hearing this news (and also being stuck at home), we (Dave and Blake), Co-Founders of “My Life Online: Teaching Kids To Be Kind Online” and “Smartphone Ready” created 20 LIVE virtual events for kids, called “The Stuck At Home Series.” Kids tuned in LIVE from all over the world for the highly interactive, positive, actionable and entertaining experience.
When the 20-event series ended, some kids (and grown ups) were sad it was over. We gathered feedback, had a collection of video calls with you wonderful grown ups, received sad emojis from your kids begging for more sessions, and came to a clear decision. It was clear that people wanted MORE.

We have now created the next chapter of this experience for kids.


Dave & Blake’s Positive, Actionable, And Interactive Event Series For Kids...2 Times Per Week 

What Kids Will Experience In This Ongoing Virtual Event Series, LIVE With Dave & Blake:

  • Learn from and interact with special guest artists, entertainers and experts
  • ​Participate in uplifting conversations with the entire family (parents/ caring adults will receive conversation guides and questions after each session)
  • ​Connect with other kids who are into positivity, leadership, and elevating one another
  • ​Take on challenges to make the world a better place
  • ​Experience mini workshops about leadership and communication skills
  • ​Practice virtual public speaking skills to peers and leaders around the world
  • ​Opportunities to explore basic principles of entrepreneurship and philanthropy

What other parents have said about the program:

"To see my son interact with the sessions - him looking at me with a big smile to say how much he enjoyed a session - hearing him and other students speaking and sounding much older and wiser than we give them credit for - my son looking at me and telling me how much more confident he feels since these sessions.

I can promise that not once has he come home from school looking so proud or having those feelings."
"Don't overthink it. Let your child try this. Positive social activity, and learning age-appropriate life skills can happen for kids in many ways. Blake and Dave offer a way that is unique and with thoroughly engages my son."
"You made it FUN!! At first when I showed the Stuck At Home series to the girls I thought they would maybe give me push back.

Immediately after the first session, they said they liked it and asked when the next one was and then asked for the next and so on. They were the ones initiated watching your series and I believe its because you made it FUN, INTERESTING and a SAFE PLACE to interact with others around the world.

I also had them complete your Smartphone Ready coarse. This is something I have wanted my kids to do and just finding the time has been difficult. Again no pushback for those sessions as well.

You provide a place where these kids can be themselves, connect, do interesting things and have fun!!"
"The interaction with other kids and spending time with people outside our small town were important to me. I also liked the way the sessions provided practical support for Digital Citizenship/responsibility and how to use Zoom. 

Everything was awesome. He loved Show & tell, the magic show, and looked forward to the sessions."
"She couldn't wait to tune in everyday! I loved that she was learning and I didn't get an eye roll when I asked her if she wanted to log on :)"
"I think the safe space for kids to learn about and learn how to deal with the current world. It's confusing for adults - let alone for kids. You spoke straight, in kid language, and helped them process the emotions they were feeling and gave them tools to focus on to shift the experience to positive."
"I feel these sessions are almost a must for all our kids. I would explain how much our son has developed in the short time and how much value there is. I could not be more proud of my son and more grateful that he had this experience."
"I have been telling everyone about it. You are the older brothers or cool adults that my kids don't have. They love your fun, the interaction and the creativity."
"Don’t over think it, let your child try this. Positive social activity and learning age appropriate life skills can happen for kids in many ways - Blake and Dave offer a way that is unique and which thoroughly engages my son"
"It's a great release for kids in this uncertain time with no sense of normalcy. My kids are really missing the school environment, teachers, friends, staff, etc. This helped them connect with other kids in a similar situation."

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to pay per child, or is it per family? 
A: You can pay per family. Save yourself some money. Even if you have 11 children, just pay one price.

Q: What happens to the series when school returns? 
A: We keep going, but just may change the schedule and the name of the series

Q: What is the age range?
A: 9-13 (but sometimes kids are a bit younger or older and still benefit from the experience) 
Q: What is the schedule
A: Up until the end of June, it will be Tuesdays and Fridays, 2-3pm Eastern. 

Q: What if I can’t make an event?
A: We will record every session and send that to families via email. 

Q: Will each session build on each other? Will my child be behind if they miss sessions?
A: Nope. We make each session stand on its own, which allows kids to come to the events that work best for their schedule and not feel behind. 

Q: Why is the price in US dollars if you guys live in Canada?
A: We have families from all over the world who participate in our programs and we work in that currency for our online experiences.  
Q: Can parents join the online events?
A: Yes. We will never turn away parents (you are a key role in this), so tune in if you want. We will also have occasional parent events throughout the year.  

Q: How many kids will be in “The Stuck At Home Society?”
A: We will begin with a minimum of 15 kids and it will climb from there.

Q: How much is it, and what if we want to cancel our membership?
A: Stuck At Home Society is $25 USD per month. Cancel anytime. :) 

Q: What if this is more awesome than we expect it to be?
A: Sorry. It’s a chance you’ll have to take. 

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